What Do I Wear?

This is your moment to shine!  Whether it's your family, you and your significant other, or just your child, choosing the appropriate attire is very important.  When you think of a bride in a beautiful gown, what do you automatically expect her groom to be wearing?  Right, a tux or nice suit, and these photos are going to be very formal.  If you choose to come to your photo session in jeans and a nice shirt, these are going to give off a laid back, casual vibe.  If you want to achieve a dreamy look, choose pastel colors, off whites and soft prints. I personally find that women photograph best in long, flowy dresses and men in nice jeans/pants and a button up.  The feeling you want your images to give off is totally up to you.  If you find you need some extra help, I'm here for you!  For now, here are a few pointers.


Color Pallets!

I always suggest neutral tones, because they photograph well and pretty much go with any location.  Rich jewel tones are stunning in Fall sessions and also help give you those warm Autumn feels.  If you like patterns (like I do!!) try to stick to two patterns, then pull colors from those outfits and dress the others in solids.  I have created a few color pallets to inspire you.  You can take these to the store for inspiration as you shop.  Avoid a lot of white.  Not only can it wash a lot of poeple out, but it also picks up other color casts.  Also avoid overly bright colors.  Stick with more muted tones.

Also, Mom, I'm willing to bet (from my own experience...) that you are going to be the most picky of what you wear, so try picking your outfit first!  Then go from there.




Layer and accessorize! 
Layers and accessories can add so much depth and interest to your photos. They can also turn a decent outfit into a stunning one and they also are a great way to bring your personal sense of style into your photos -Just don't go overboard.  In these portraits below, notice that their layers don't look bulky and help soften the patterns underneath.  And PLEASE don't ignore what you put on your feet.  You need to be comfortable, but that doesn't mean you need to wear sneakers!  Boots, a closed toe sandal or flat or even boys church shoes are better then a brightly colored and bulky tennis shoe.  I promise, it will be a distraction in your photos.  If you absolutely have nothing in your shoe closet and don't want another big expense, try looking at your local yard sales and thrift stores.  You may be surprised what you might find and your wont spend a lot.  You can even donate them after if you really want.



Need suggestions on where to shop?

I've got ya covered!  Check out these links below.









At the end of the day, the most important suggestion I can offer is to be yourself, but be the BEST VERSION of yourself. Elevate your outfits beyond the everyday so that you'll have photos that you're proud of and you'll want to show off for years to come!  Be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.  If you're comfortable and feel amazing, it will show in your photos.  Thank you for reading this and for the thought you put into your session.  Feel confident in knowing that I am doing the same for your session as well.  I am so excited to work with you!

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