A little bit about Sheree:




Hi!  I'm Sheree.  And when I'm first getting to know a person, I think its fun to dig a little to find out the little quirky things about them, you know, just to make sure I like them.  ;)  Well ladies and gents, I'm digging about myself today, just for you.


My favorite color is green and I have tried hard over the years to make sure my closet does not reflect that.  There was honestly a period of time in my early twenties where 83% of my clothes were green.  I love diy projects.  I love the prep and the "after".  My favorite food is tacos and I dislike fish very much.  I have never leared to drive a stick shift.  Long story -Book a sesion with me and I'll tell you about it sometime.  I crave salads, ice cream and slurpee's all the time.  All things Disney usually make me cry.  As I passed through the bag check at Disneyland on our last vacation, I started to cry.  I've always really liked my feet.  And if I lived close enough to the ocean and had a reason to take a long walk on the beach, I imagine I would enjoy it.

Okay, enough being silly. 










My family is my whole world.  My husband of 13 years is the most amazing person to me.  He works so hard for our family and is the one who is responsible for me going this far with my photography.  He can also school me in the kitchen, which isn't hard to do, but that man makes the best eggs I've ever had!  He is a wonderful father and we both find it easy to laugh at each other's dumb jokes.  And let's face it, the man is not bad to look at!  Together we have three of the cutest kids EVER created!!  "We got skills, Honey!"  Our kids keep us on our toes, but make us smile and laugh everyday.  Together we make an awesome family and we like to color, read stories, bake, watch movies and play "pretend" until sun down.

Now to why you are here.  As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a crush on photography.  A big one!  I want to remember things.  And life goes fast- faster than I ever thought it could!  And I not only want to remember the big things that happen in my family's life, but the small things too.  I keep an online journal for my family full of pictures.  Everywhere you look in my home you will see a framed picture -some that would probably make you question just what exactly I was thinking, but to me, they are sweet memories.  What better way to look back at all those times that really made you smile?

I feel blessed to have been given the talent to photograph the beauty all around me, and I would love to share my gift with you and the beauty that surrounds your life and gives it meaning.